Hot Dip Galvanizing

Al Ajab Metal Galvanizing Factory has adopted hi-tech method of galvanization called “High Velocity System” in order to ensure high quality, guarantee impeccable performance and confirm to top international standards. Due to this advanced technology, coating variations will be very less and under control.

As our Zinc bath operation is continuous and the temperature is controlled automatically the same on all parts of bath, any desired thickness in accordance to the client’s requirement can be attained perfectly. This is a very special advantage in galvanizing field and is available only in our factory for the whole of Eastern Province.

Total capacity of our plant(s) is 50,000 metric tons per year.

Dammam Plant
Bath size: 8.0 meters L x 1.5 meters W x 2.4 meters D

Jubail Plant
Bath size: 12.0 meters L x 1.6 meters W x 2.0 meters D


To assure the versatility of process relevant International Standards are followed such as:

  • ASTM-A-123
  • BS EN ISO-1461
  • ASTM-143
  • ASTM-A-152
  • ASTM-A-384
  • ASTM-A-385
  • ASTM-A-90
  • ASTM-A-780 and
  • ASTM-376