Quality Control

We at Al Ajab go an extra yard to pertain the quality of the finished product by adopting stringent international standards, undergoing material test and issuing relevant reports as well as certificates. We stick to the standard that satisfies our clients, which is our main objective.

Apart from that an effective system of tracking and trace-ability is in place that ensures smooth and timely delivery to our customers. Compliance with environmental regulations and guidelines as well as strict quality control standards is our main goal and that indeed is or most cherished certification, which motivates to get better each and everytime.

Quality Policy

Safety on the job in any given project is our principal motive. Safety has and always will be our prime objective. No operation is so important that it must be done in a manner which exposes the employee to hazardous conditions which could result in harm to personnel or damage to property. Elimination of potential losses will be given top priority by the Concerned Manager. During our selection process, Al Ajab ensures that selected candidates have enough safety awareness on the job. If not, training sessions would be organized for the concerned employee.